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scheme circuite electronice website contains a huge electronics projects collection with circuit diagrams and description.
If you want to publish circuit diagrams or electronics projects through our website, please contact us using contact form.
All circuit projects or circuit diagrams proposed must contain a short description.
Here you can find a lots of do-it-yourself (DIY) kits for hobbyists, students, professionals, covering a wide range of electronics categories like: audio amplifiers, pcb cad software, radio frequency circuits, power supplies circuits including chargers and converters, microcontroller projects, led drivers, sensors based circuits and many other free projects.
Also you can find some other related electronics solutions and software for all electronics enthusiasts whether if are a students, teachers, hobbyists or even an electronics engineers.
All circuit projects, software and all others stuff presented here are just for educational purpose .
If have any question about any project from this site or other electronic circuits please use the Forum.
For any suggestions and proposals or something else do not hesitate and contact us using the mail form .
All contents of is copyrighted, linking to circuits is permitted, but copying to your website,server is expressly prohibited.

  • This dc motor speed controller is designed using pulse width modulation (PWM), and can be used in circuits for controlling electric motors speed that require a maximum current of 2A. Of course the...

  • This voltage monitor circuit is designed using LM393 operational amplifier and it has two has two light-emitting diode (LED) indicators that switch on if the monitored supply voltage falls below...

  • This laptop power supply circuit diagram is designed by Power Integrations, using TOP269EG integrated controller.
    This laptop power supply circuit operates over a universal input range (90-...