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Circuit Diagram

This electronic circuit is designed for stabilize an output voltage between 50 and 250 volts.
Output voltage can be adjusted using potentiometer P with a value of 1M.
T1 transistor T, can dissipate a power of about 6 W, if mounted on a heat sink with a surface area of 30-70 cm2....

50-250 volts high voltage adjustable regulator circuit schematic 50-250 volts high voltage adjustable regulator

This very simple circuit diagram, allows to make a symmetric power source using a few electronic components.
Usually to achieve a symmetrical power sources requires the use of two voltage rectifiers that debits equal output voltage, but opposite polarity measured to reference point.

Symmetrical power sources circuit diagram Symmetrical power sources circuit diagram

In nowadays technology advance very fast, so more devices support high capacity micro sd cards. Because of very fast advancing of technology prices of high capacity micro sd cards is going down. Because of less knowledge about storage devices and technology of some people, some other people...

Fake counterfeit micro SD how to check
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fake micro sd

Using this electronic circuit interior light on a room remain lit for approximately five seconds after the door was closed.
This circuit can be used for both cars and for other rooms.
When the door opens, the door switch (S1) is closed. The S1 and D2 closes and a current will flow...

Delayed turned off light circuit diagram Delayed turned off light circuit diagram