DIY audio amplifiers circuit diagram electronics projects

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DIY audio amplifiers circuit diagram electronics projects and other related audio projects like : power amplifiers, audio systems, audio filters, vu meters, tone control, audio equalizers and more .

Complementary electronic buzzer ring

Using electronic diagram below can be built complementary electronic buzzer ring. This bell buzzer sounds after it was released button ring.

Circuit Diagram: 
Complementary electronic buzzer ring circuit

Color lights organ circuit

Using a 4017 CMOS circuit and some passive electronic components, can be build an color lights organ with LEDs. This lights organ LED is controlled by a signal that is picked up by a microphone.

Circuit Diagram: 
Color lights organ circuit diagram

Sinusoidal signal generator

This signal generator provides a sinusoidal output signal with a frequency of 440 Hz, at two voltage levels. Power can be made with a voltage between 1.5 V and 16 V.

Circuit Diagram: 
Sinusoidal signal generator circuit diagram