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Infrared receiver for audio signal

Using this circuit diagram electronic project, can be made a very simple infrared receiver. The output signal of the infrared diode D1 is amplified by IC1.
Pulses on the output of IC1 are applied to comparator IC2, which separate them from ambient light. For this purpose, the DC component of IC1's output is stored on C9 and used as reference for IC2.
Received signal is decoded by simply dividing by 2, lC3a.
The output signal is filtered with R7-C11 and C12, resulting in an audio signal suitable to command a high impedance headphones.
Divider by 2 stage has a network delay, R6-C10, which prevents flip-flop drive by noise.
The output signal can be improved by using a low-pass active filter (cutoff frequency 10 + 12 kHz) of order 3 or higher, which will serve as a buffer circuit.
Circuit absorbs a current around of 15 mA, making it advisable to use with a rechargeable battery.

Circuit Diagram: 
Infrared receiver for audio signal circuit diagram`

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