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NJW1186 surround sound system

A very simple audio 5.1 surround sound system circuit can be designed using the NJW1186 is an Surround Processor for 5.1ch speaker system which regenerate Center, Surround and Subwoofer channel signal from normal stereo signal input. The NJW1186 5.1 surround sound system circuit contains Passive Matrix circuit, BPF for center channel, LPF for subwoofer, simulated stereo function for surround channel and trimmers for each channel.

All of internal status and variables are controlled by I2C BUS.
As you can see in the circuit diagram , this 5.1 channel audio surround system is very simple to design and require few external electronic components .

The NJW1186 surround processor is manufactured by New Japan Radio Co Ltd .
This 5.1 audio surround processor electronic project can be powered from a wide input voltage range from 7.5 volts up to 13 volts .
The outputs of the surround system are : SWout -Subwoofer Channel Output, RSout -Right Surround Channel Output, LSout-Left Surround Channel Output, Cout-Center Channel Output
NJW1186 5.1 surround sound system circuit diagram


what is the meaning of scl&sda in njw1186

Serial Data Line (SDA) and Serial Clock Line(SCL) used for interconnection with microcontroller

If i do't provide SCL(Clock) & SDA(data input) will this processor give output?

How to connect microcontroler circuit with this circuit

Hi sir plz explain SCL & SDA inputs and also Lin & Rin also

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