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Wireless IR Headphones circuit diagram electronic project

Using this wireless IR Headphones circuit electronic project you can transmit audio signal using an infrared connection .This wireless IR Headphones circuit diagram electronic project is composed by two parts : transmitter and receiver . This is not an RF transmitter , so you will need to design both parts of application .
Using this infrared audio signal transmitter you can build an infrared cordless headphone , that can be very useful if is used with an TV or some other electronics device that can disturb other persons .

Without using some special devices this electronic project can be used over an 6 meters range .The transmitter circuit use an output transformer ( in reverse ) to couple the TV to the IR transmitter . T1 and T2 transformers are used to amplify the audio signal from the audio transformer .
The IR receiver module use a three stage transistor amplifier .The VR2 potentiometer is used to adjust the clarity . To have an high efficiency and a maximum range for this IR circuit direct photo-transistor towards IR LEDs of transmitter .
Both of these circuits needs to be powered by a 9 volts DC power supply .

wireless ir headphones transmitter circuit diagram electronic projectwireless ir headphones receiver circuit


please tell me the ratings and model of audio transformer used in this project

hw can i include a pic microcontroller in the project. its a requirement for my final year project

You can include a pic, but that pic must do something.

OK guys. I have a video showing this circuit. I dumped the transmitter portion of the circuit for a new circuit(No need for an audio output transformer), and kept the receiver end but heavily modified it! Enjoy!

can i use any audio transformer in place of T1 plz i need ur help...

Yes you can, or you can remove it... check video bellow

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