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PCB Design Software: Make the move from DIY Amateur to Manufacturer.

For many PCB enthusiasts, seeing their DIY PCBs in action is more than sufficient to give them high levels of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Circuit Diagram: 
pcb design 3d

Fake counterfeit micro SD how to check

In nowadays technology advance very fast, so more devices support high capacity micro sd cards. Because of very fast advancing of technology prices of high capacity micro sd cards is going down.

Circuit Diagram: 
fake micro sd h2testw
fake micro sd

AD849x amplifiers for J and K type thermocouples

The AD8494 , AD8495 ,AD8496, AD8497 are easy to use amplifiers for J and K type thermocouples , that convert a small voltage generated by a thermocouple junction into a signal that can easily be re