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Digital clock alarm based on the Lm8560

The simple digital clock alarm is based on the Lm8560 integrated circuit . The LM8560 is alarm equipped digital clock IC with built-in driver capable of directly driving LED display equipment.

Lm8560 digital clock circuit has many features like : Single chip P-channel ED MOS LSI , LED direct drive using time division (duplex configuration) , Wide operating power supply voltage range , Built-in alarm function with 24-hour control , Supports changeover between 12-hour AM/PM and 24-hour displays , Built-in battery backup CR oscillator , Built-in automatic fast forward function for hour and minute settings , Built-in sleep timer function (maximum intervals of 59 minutes or 1 hours and 59 minutes) , Built-in snooze function supporting repeat use , Equipped with power failure display function , 900Hz output for alarm tone .Using LM8560 circuit you will have many advantages , because of integration in one package of all features you can use it in small clock alarm radio circuits or in a simple clock alarm circuit .

For this clock alarm circuit you can use a positive or negative power supply maximum 15 volts ( see circuit bellow for positive and negative power supply ) .
Lm8560 Digital clock alarm circuit negative supply
Lm8560 Digital clock alarm circuit positive supply

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