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Mini strobe light

A simple strobe light electronic project can be designed using this circuit diagram . As you can see in the schematic circuit , these strobe light project use just common electronic components .
The power supply in this kit is a battery, it is a DC source (low DC voltage ) which must be converted to a high DC voltage required by the flash tube. In this project , Q1 transistor is used for an oscillator .

Q1 drives the primary of transformer T1 and the secondary also steps up the voltage needed to flash the xenon tube.
The trigger circuit uses a neon light to fire an SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) that acts like a switch discharging capacitor C4 through the primary of transformer T2. A high voltage spike is produced on the secondary of T2. By using a piece of wire, this trigger voltage is placed close to the glass tube containing the xenon gas.

The flash tube consists of a hollow glass tube filled with Xenon gas and sealed at each end with a metal cap. Wires are connected to each of the metal caps. When a high voltage is placed on one cap and the other cap is grounded, a strong electric field will appear across the tube.

T1 is switcher transformer and T2 is a Xenon flash tube trigger transformer , if you can not find this two transformers on market you can find this type of transformers on a pocket camera flash unit .
simple mini strobe light schematic circuit

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