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A3952S DC servo motor controller circuit diagram

As we presented in another article the A3952S integrated circuit ( designed by Allegro MicroSystems ) can be used to design very simple and useful motor driver circuits .
In the precedent article was presented a simple bipolar stepper motor driver circuit that use two A3952S circuits.
As we presented in that article , the A3952S is capable of continuous output currents up to 2 A and operating voltages range up to 50 V.
Warning , the 50 operating voltage is to power the motor , for the logic controller you will need a 5 volts Dc power supply .

This circuit presents a simple DC servo motor application that can be used in various electronic projects . As you can see in the circuit schematic this Dc servo motor driver schematic circuit use just one integrated circuit and other few external electronic components .
With bidirectional dc servo motors, the PHASE terminal can be used for mechanical direction control. Similar to when braking the motor dynamically, abrupt changes in the direction of a rotating motor produce a current generated by the back EMF. The current generated will depend on the mode of operation.

A3952S dc motor controller schematic circuit

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