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SLB0586A touch control dimming circuit

Using SLB0586A integrated circuit manufactured by Siemens is possible to build a simple dimming circuit with touch control. Used with a triac type TIC206D, it enables smooth adjustment of light intensity data from 10-400W bulb. Requires a coil of 100 uH / 5 A to suppress switching noise.
Sync pulses are created from network voltage with R11, C4 and D4, and applied to pin 4 of the circuit.
Voltage is obtained by means of R2, C2, D1, D2 and C3 and is at about 5.3 V below the potential of the network. Sensory key for operating circuit is connected to pin 5 via two resistors of 4.7 M, R5 and R6 for the user.

Often because light dimmers are built into existing circuit occurs frequently need for action in two different places. As a result, the scheme features a switch that can be placed back over key remote sensors.
When key briefly touch sensory (for 50-400 ms), the light turns on or off, if it reaches a longer duration, start cycle control.

Circuit Diagram: 
SLB0586A touch control dimming circuit

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