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Power Supply circuits diagram electronics projects

Power Supply circuits diagram electronics projects: battery chargers, switching power supply , ac power supply, dc dc converters, power inverter, converters and power adapters .

12V power supply circuit

This 12V power supply circuit will provide a 12V regulated output with a maximum output current up to 3 amperes.
This 12V power supply circuit use the CA3085 IC voltage regulator with features like: good load and line regulation, output current up to 100mA (which can be increased to several amperes with additional pass transistors), output short-circuit protection, and lower input voltage.

Circuit Diagram: 
12v 3A power suppply circut schematic diagram

Laptop power supply circuit using TOP269EG

This laptop power supply circuit diagram is designed by Power Integrations, using TOP269EG integrated controller.

Circuit Diagram: 
Laptop power supply TOP269EG

0-220V voltage dimmer circuit

A simple voltage dimmer circuit that can be used to adjust the output voltage between 0 and 220 volts, can be made using electronic diagram below.

Circuit Diagram: 
0-220V voltage dimmer circuit


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